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Cybersecurity Halloween – 5 Cybersecurity Nightmares To Avoid

What do Cybersecurity and Halloween have in common? Both can give you nightmares, but for very different reasons! 

One is characterised by trickery, terror and silly childish behaviour. And the other…is Halloween. <insert ghoulish laughter here>.

We’ve combined these two spooky terms to celebrate ‘Cybersecurity Halloween’. 

Here we present our top 5 cybersecurity nightmares to avoid.

  1. The Open Door

You could have switched off the lights, kept the front door locked and pretended to be out. But instead, you’ve foolishly opened the door to haunting screams of “Trick or Treeeat”! 

Now you’re expected to hand out your own personal sweet stash to some ungrateful pre-teens dressed as creepy film stars and zombified pop singers you’ve never heard of.

On a similarly scary scale of personal violation, leaving your work computer unlocked, sharing passwords or failing to adopt standard online security best practice is our top Cybersecurity Halloween nightmare. Entirely avoidable, bad security practice is the online equivalent to leaving your front door open with a big sign outside saying ‘Help yourself to all my stuff’.

The solution? Keep that door closed. Lock your work computer any time you’re not using it. Don’t ever tell anyone your password or write it down (and that goes for your online banking password, Facebook password any other online passwords too.) 

And keep up to date on cybersecurity best practice

  1. The missing link

An email from your bank with a link to their new ‘GET FREE MONEY FOR DOING NOTHING’ offer is about as trustworthy as a guarantee from your work colleagues that “everyone is dressing up in the office for Halloween this year!”

Don’t fall for it. Before you don your gorilla suit and show up to your Thursday morning sales meeting to howls of laughter from the team, stop and think about the credibility of the statement. 

Any email that asks you to click on a link should be viewed with suspicion. Email phishing attacks are one of the most common Cybersecurity Halloween nightmares to avoid. Always be on your guard when it comes to opening emails containing links. If anything seems suspicious or too good to be true, don’t click on the link and delete the email immediately.

  1. Don’t turn into a pumpkin

Here’s the thing about Cybersecurity Halloween – both of these terms seem to change by definition every year. For many young people, Halloween has become an increasingly competitive Instagram-worthy event of house decorating, expensive outfits and a wider radius of sweet thieving to cover than ever before. Similarly, the world of cybersecurity continues to change all the time and becomes more advanced, complex and serious every year.

Just because you installed a Norton anti-virus programme on your computer five years ago does not mean it is safe from online attacks today. Cyber criminals continue enhancing their methods and finding new ways of attacking online systems and compromising companies’ data and personal information. Keep your security software up to date, install new programmes as they become available and stay one step ahead of cybersecurity nightmares that could end up costing you as much as a teenager’s Halloween outfit.

  1. Don’t do it alone

There’s a good reason that kids choose to do their Trick or Treating in large packs. Two oversized Vampires knocking on your front door to demand free Haribo are far more threatening than one nervous teenager dressed as his favourite Harry Potter character!

In the same way, you can avoid Cybersecurity Halloween nightmares by finding your own wolfpack to help you stay safe and outsmart cyber criminals. Outsourcing your safety to a cybersecurity agency is one of the best ways to protect your systems from online attacks. 

  1. Go Google-eyed

What do googly eyes have in common with online searches? Well, nothing but they make an almost acceptable Google based pun, so we’re going with it!

If you’re unsure about where to start when it comes to understanding cybersecurity and what you need to do to stay safe online, simply Google it. You’ll learn a great deal about the kind of Cybersecurity Halloween nightmares to avoid by doing some research – there are millions of articles about online security on the internet. 

But, if you don’t have time to search Google till you go googly-eyed, then simply get in touch with us and we’ll do all the work for you. Outsourcing to a cybersecurity agency is the best way to stay safe this Cybersecurity Halloween. 

Contact us to find out about how we can help with your Cybersecurity, Business IT Support or simply how to survive Cybersecurity Halloween.

Happy Halloween from the Virtanix team!