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We deliver practical IT solutions and support for small and medium sized businesses.

Why Choose Virtanix IT?

The team at Virtanix have extensive experience in delivering multi-purpose IT solutions to support to businesses throughout London and Surrey. We’re technology lovers at heart with a focused team of IT engineers that have experience spanning multiple sectors. From cloud computing migrations and optimisation to business IT support – we have you covered.

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    We are a small, dedicated and personal team that work with you to meet your IT and technology requirements.

  • 24h-Assistance

    Customer Service

    We strive to provide superior customer service and ensure that every client is completely satisfied with our work.

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    Our IT engineers are fully qualified, dedicated and ready to do what it takes to assist you with your technology requirements.

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    We are committed to outstanding IT solutions and support that helps your business improve and achieve its goals.

Partners Of Virtanix IT

At Virtanix IT, we partner with strong technology companies. We integrate this strong technology with our personalised technical service to provide a comprehensive service to our clients.

We’ve partnered with Datto, a rising star in our industry. They provide data protection in the form of high-performance applications that snapshot your local data. They also offer a cloud-based application backup product that assures you’ll never lose your data in the cloud. Working with the Datto team helps us assess your existing systems so we can ensure the perfect fit for your needs.

We’ve partnered with Microsoft to offer their Azure and Office365 suites, as well as SharePoint, SQL Server, and other products. We specialise in Microsoft products because we believe they are well suited to every business we serve.

When it comes to network and email protection, Barracuda offers a range of intelligent managed firewalls, essential email protection, encrypted email, and data protection products that serve our market well. Our support team goes the extra mile each day, ensuring we have a strong defence against cyber-threats and complete data protection with accurate daily data backups.

We partner with DELL for their business-class servers, storage, and wide array of additional hardware and software components. We have our own team working to expedite orders, ensure proper warranties, and resolve any questions that may arise. When an issue arises, our internal team brings our issues to top-level management for quick resolution.